September 14, 2016


By: Paul Klinger

Technology is the greatest tool of our modern time.  It is also the greatest culprit of removing us from what is important in our lives.

Quick History Lesson: For the most part, technology was designed for governments, corporations and businesses to maximize staff productivity.  Software and technical advances are designed to literally make us compute faster, increase employee productivity and add to our workload. These demands may work for enterprises, but these tools have seeped into the very fabric of our families and personal lives.

In today’s world we find ourselves staring at screens, analyzing data and living reliant on our digital devices. We live in a world where you actually have a digital face, define ourselves with the pictures we take and communicate with instant messages.

So is this overdose of technology inherently a bad thing?    Does utilizing these resources make us bad people?

The simple (and hopefully obvious) answer is NO.  But how we rely on technology, all too often consumes too much time, energy and even money as we delve into our digital realities.  When left unbalanced it can literally change our day to day living habits.  In fact, this takes us away from what is important in our lives.  More importantly it prevents us from our goal of living our lives with purpose and intent.

Taking a digital break or a Digital Recess re-introduces us to a better balance.  We can rediscover activities, share ideas, find a sense of playfulness, appreciation for the wonders of nature and reset our physical and emotional selves.  Research has shown learning  new skills is a great way to invoke creativity and sharpen our mindset. With it, comes harmony, reduction of stress, and can even improve our health by reducing our blood pressure and risk of hyper-tension.

The concept of a retreat focused solely on regaining the balance of our digital and natural worlds has become more common throughout our culture.  It is vital for professionals, parents and anyone who faces stress and digital overabundance on a daily basis.

Now more than ever, achieving this balance is vital in our lives. This is why Sevenoaks Retreat Center has created the Digital Recess Retreat. We are combining our years of experience in mindfulness study, staff experience and retreat planning to provide the perfect setting for this retreat. Sevenoaks’ grounds, accommodations, hospitable staff and delectable meals create the perfect atmosphere to unplug for a weekend.  Experience the joy of yoga or Tai Chi, escape into nature down a deep forest trail and observe an array of wildlife. What can you experience in a weekend?



So for one weekend, set aside the digital devices, find new connections, gain greater perspective and find lifelong tools to create balance in your life.

It’s up to you to find your greatest purpose; it’s up to us to teach you the skills to rediscover your greatness.

Registration is still open for the  DIGITAL RECESS Retreat, October 21-23.

Paul Klinger is the Center Director of Sevenoaks Retreat Center.  He currently stares at has laptop computer and a smart phone. He can be reached 24 hours a day through these devices and will be one of the many speakers at this retreat. 


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