A Mindfulness Retreat Center

Sevenoaks is a spiritual education and retreat center dedicated to providing a safe, beautiful and tranquil haven for individuals seeking to awaken to a deeper experience of body, mind, heart and spirit. It is a place to connect profoundly with the natural world and with other like-minded people who are committed to authenticity, exploration, transformation and self-revelation.

Our Schedule & Staff

For over four decades, Sevenoaks has been hosting a year-round schedule of workshops, retreats, meetings and courses, covering all days of the week.

We have become the sacred home for the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork® and for many other spiritual groups who rent and enjoy our seasoned facilities. Sevenoaks staff is made up of professional and spiritually aware individuals who are dedicated to being in service.

Our flexible services and attention to detail provided within a warm and friendly environment can help your sessions and experiences exceed your expectations.

Sevenoaks Staff

Paul Klinger | Center Director
Gretchen Comer | Rentals and Events Manager
Alex Comer | Grounds Manager
Conny Crossgrove | Kitchen and Food Services, Bookstore
Jason Dalton | Maintenance Manager
Shannon Dalton | Housekeeping Manager