EVRYMAN Open Source Retreat: Southeast

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EVRYMAN Open Source Retreat: Southeast

April 17 - April 19

Evryman Open Source Retreat: Southeast

April 17 – 19, 2020
Sevenoaks Retreat Center

Join an adventure that will challenge you, change you, and give you a new perspective on your own manhood.

We facilitate a safe and authentic environment in which men can be completely honest and open with themselves and others. In other words: vulnerable. The ability to be vulnerable is key to personal growth. Through group exercises, topics of conversation, and creating a set of ground rules for everyone, we build a foundation of complete safety. The training is focused on getting men “out of their heads” and into their bodies, able share their emotions, speak their truth, gain support and celebrate their greatness.

For many of us, we haven’t been honest with ourselves or acknowledged our emotions for years, sometimes decades.

By creating a space free of sarcasm, judgement and macho bullshit, we can discover our authentic selves. We are a global community of men who come together to challenge and assist one another in our personal growth. We provide a platform of support to bring men together to develop more meaningful connections with one another in order to be more human, more open, more connected, and more passionate about life.

EVRYMAN is a Benefit Corporation that brings men together to exercise their emotions so they can lead more successful, fulfilling lives. We aspire to support ten million men over the next five years through a community of men deeply committed to emotional wellness. We invest profits directly into operational costs, programming, and the technology required to better inspire and improve the lives of men, the communities they participate in, and humanity at large.


● Create a culture of connection that can be shared. ● Utilize simple emotional practices to help men develop new ways of interacting that lead to greater success, meaning, and fulfillment. ● Destigmatize men’s vulnerability and emotionality across our culture

Become The Man You Want To Be.

In this weekend-long retreat, join a community of men to come together with the simple agreement to set aside cultural norms and be transparent and honest. Experience how the Evryman method has helped thousands of men connect with themselves and each other, to lead more successful, fulfilling lives.

Spend focused and intentional time to get out of your head and into your body. Learn practical tools that allow you to share emotions, speak truth, gain support, and celebrate greatness.

Our process is intense, yet straightforward, exploring the power of vulnerability through group exercises, guided conversation, and mindful time in nature. In creating a space free of sarcasm and judgment, you can discover your authentic self.

For all men.