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Sacred Dimensions of the Pathwork

July 23 @ 8:00 pm - July 26 @ 8:00 pm


Letting Go of the Search
Being the Source of Peace

Dates: Thursday July 23rd – Sunday July 26th

Lead by: Erena Bramos, with Cibele de Macedo Salviatto

Location: Sevenoaks Retreat Center

Price: $690

Note from the Director: Several new measures will be in place to allow for social distancing while still maintaining an event filled with loving unity. 


In isolated moments you experience the hand of God in your life, the breath of God. Such a moment may occur at
any time and may be triggered by certain experiences either within or outside of you. At such moments, inside and
outside fuse and become one. It is then that you know God’s reality. There simply is no longer any doubt about
it. The peace and joy you experience at those times cannot be put into words. You know that all the isolated goals
you pray for converge on one central point, experiencing the reality of God. When this happens, you are already
pure—at least in that moment—for the purity of your uncluttered unobstructed spirit is freed through all the shells
and layers. You are pure, so you do not have to pray for purification. (Lecture# 255)

To contemplate, this…. To deeply “know” this…. This is the invitation of the Guide.

And this is what often appears to be the most difficult “goal” to achieve when we believe that the road there,
the road to knowing “the reality of God,” is through identifying with being a hunter on a search for what the
mind tells us is our task to find, to conquer, to accomplish.

This is the identification with the “hunter,” which has us believing that the sense of peace we long for can be
found somewhere else, some other time, in a different situation, and not here and now.
And yet, the deepest knowing of “purity” that the Guide talks about is always there as it is the source of the
firmament that we are, the essence of what is Real.

We invite you to join us, on this weekend, to create together the space within which each one of us can open
our heart to the reverence of all our experiences…of all that is life in every moment… the only requirement to
experiencing alignment with the Beingness that is the source of Peace.

This is an invitation to share where we are on our journey now and of the inspiration moving us forward; to
contemplate the teachings; to meditate together; to invite silence to embrace us and surrender its wisdom.
We hope to see you there.

To prepare for our journey together, read Pathwork lectures:
L255 The Birthing Process — Cosmic Pulse
L213 The Spiritual and the Practical Meaning of “Let Go, Let God”



July 23 @ 8:00 pm
July 26 @ 8:00 pm
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Erena Bramos
Cibele Salviatto


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Sacred Dimensions Year 8 July Module$690.00Registration for July 2020 Sacred Dimensions Module