Sevenoaks’ outreach touches many lives each year, as thousands of people consider Sevenoaks their spiritual home. There is no way to measure the benefit of arriving on our grounds, seeing the lush meadows, mature trees, bright flowers and open green space.  Nor can you easily describe the experiences of attending a wonderful retreat, eating a wholesome meal, watching the sun set over the Blue Ridge Mountains and retiring to a comfortable bed. This is what we our staff and volunteers strive to provide as the Sevenoaks experience.

As a nonprofit mission, we pour our resources back into caring for the facilities, grounds and infrastructure in order to fulfill our mission. If you have enjoyed the benefits of the Sevenoaks experience, we invite you to share that experience with others.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation so that we may continue offering Sevenoaks as a place of mindfulness and rejuvenation for years to come. We ensure that your generosity will help immensely.

  • Improve our buildings
  • Landscape our grounds
  • Support our kitchen
  • Grow our garden
  • Maintain our forest and trails

From all of us at Sevenoaks, we truly appreciate your support!