As a nonprofit 501( c )(3) education center, Sevenoaks inspires  people to live with open hearts, strengthen their sense of self and to develop a passion for self-improvement.   In order to continue providing this sacred space and beautiful environment, we depend on the generous and continuing support of our donors.


Please consider making a contribution to Sevenoaks.  As a friend and supporter of Sevenoaks, you help fund projects that are vital to our center, such as:

  • Providing more guest lodging options
  • Creating more space for movement and meetings
  • Supporting our organic garden, lovely trails and grounds
  • Expanding our kitchen to provide greater capacity
  • Growing our rental partnerships


2017 Helper Training


As Sevenoaks grows, we provide a greater opportunity to help others in our world grow in mind and spirit. We support people to transform their lives and move our world from “the way it is” to the “way it can be.”




Your generosity is vital to our growth and has an impact far beyond the grounds of Sevenoaks. 

Thank you!