About Pathwork

The lectures given by Eva Pierrakos from 1957 until her death in 1979 are the heart of the Pathwork®. They are an astonishing roadmap to self-responsibility that points the way to genuine love of self, others and the Divine.

Eva was able to access deep levels of her own psyche and to channel material that, if followed, has the capacity to radically change and improve one’s life. Not only can working with this material give one profound insight into oneself, others, and the nature of life itself, but it can also help in finding true peace and happiness.

The Pathwork Guide warned that the path is not an easy one. It requires intense self-awareness, profound self-honesty, consistent daily practice and a willingness to expose the darkest regions of the human soul to the light of day. The Guide said that the task of our normal waking consciousness is to build a bridge between the highest and lowest parts of ourselves. We are required to dig deep into our souls to discover what is hidden, and then to call upon our higher nature to help us heal and transform these childish, self-centered, wayward aspects of ourselves.

The Pathwork’s focus on confronting and transforming the darkness within distinguishes it from many of today’s spiritual teachings. Unlike a number of spiritual paths and philosophies, which tend to focus only on the divine nature of the human soul, the Pathwork Guide focused on both the light and the darkness, insisting that the darkness within is actually the life force in distortion which needs our awareness and compassion to return it to its original divine nature.

Today Pathwork has grown into an international spiritual organization, with affiliates, chapters and groups in many countries and across the United States. You can access the Pathwork Lectures for free here.