Building-LH-montage-259x1024Pathwork Leadership

Sevenoaks Retreat Center is a living organization that is run by volunteer leaders and a dedicated staff. The center is owned by Mid-Atlantic Pathwork®, Inc (MAP). As a membership organization, MAP is governed by a Board of Trustees, which in turn appoints volunteer committees and hires staff to run the Retreat Center.

In addition, MAP runs a school that teaches Pathwork and helps people to apply it in their daily lives. We welcome your involvement. If interested, please contact Sevenoaks or our Board President, Tom Hubbard.

Bylaws of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork

Activities of the Board of Trustees and other leadership bodies are governed by the Bylaws of the organization. To view the current Bylaws, click here.

Meeting Schedule for the MAP Board of Trustees

Thursday, March 26, 2020
Thur4sday, April 30, 2020
Thursday, May 28, 2020
Thursday, June 25, 2020

Please Note: For information about the Board agenda for upcoming meetings, or to bring any matter to the Board’s attention, please contact the Sevenoaks Executive Director, Paul Klinger.

Minutes of Board of Trustees Meetings

See minutes here.

Service from Volunteers and Staff

Below are the names of just a few of the many volunteers and staff who contribute talents, time and effort to the programs and activities at Sevenoaks. The governing groups of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork are:

Board of Trustees
Pathwork Council
Pathwork Helper Guild Stewards
Finance Committee
Sevenoaks Staff

Board of Trustees

Board members are elected by the voting membership or may be appointed to fill a vacant seat. If you are interested in serving on the Board, please contact one of the current members.

Dan Cheetham | Trustee
Rixie Dennison | Secretary
Claire Kelly | Vice President
Kimberly Middleton | Trustee
Kent Peterson | Trustee
Cibele Salviato | Trustee
Gretchen Schutte | Trustee
Elaine Shaw | Interim President
Brad Smith | Treasurer

Pathwork Council

The Council oversees the Pathwork School and hosted workshops.

Beth Hedquist | Chairman
Julia Jensen | Pathwork Transformation Program
Keith Kikuchi
Darlene Rollins
Miriam Smith

Pathwork Helpers Guild

The Guild is comprised of all Pathwork Helpers and Associate Helpers affiliated with Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, who have agreed to honor a Code of Ethical Conduct and strict Guidelines for their continuing professional education, supervision and peer review. The Guild is managed by elected Guild Stewards, listed below.

Lisa Boyles
Cindy Haney
Don Harvey
Wendy Hubbard
John Claude Wepner

Finance Committee:

Brad Smith | Treasurer, Committee Chair
Kent Peterson | Board Member
Claire Kelly | Board Member
Paul Klinger | Sevenoaks Executive Director

Sevenoaks Staff

Paul Klinger | Center Director
Alex Comer | Grounds
Gretchen Comer | Events, Rentals and Retreats
Conny Crossgrove | Kitchen and Food Services
Jason Dalton | Buildings and Maintenance
Shannon Dalton | Housekeeping
Kimberly Klinger | Administrative Assistant