Mid-Atlantic Pathwork

Mid-Atlantic Pathwork (MAP) is a Virginia non-profit organization that owns Sevenoaks Retreat Center and oversees the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork School. MAP is chartered by the International Pathwork Foundation. As a membership organization, MAP is governed by a Board of Trustees.

Mid-Atlantic Pathwork was founded by Donovan and Susan Thesenga in 1976 when they donated the property they had been using as a center for personal and spiritual growth. Called “Sevenoaks” since the Civil War and named in honor of the seven majestic 300-year old oak trees that crowned a ridge with breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Center is the heart and spiritual home of the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork. Pathwork is also taught in locally in communities in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Ohio, Massachusetts and Florida. Pathwork Helpers continue to expand the outreach to communities that express an interest and a calling for deep personal healing and transformation.