Explore Pathwork

There are so many ways to experience the Pathwork. Where will you begin?

Read the lectures online. The Pathwork Lectures are offered free of charge, both online and in audio format.

Schedule a session with a Pathwork Helper. Individual sessions offer confidential support and compassionate guidance as you learn to apply Pathwork principles in everyday life.

Participate in a local event. Pathwork Helpers in various communities offer Lecture Study classes, groups, and workshops. Online opportunities are also available.

Attend a Pathwork workshop at Sevenoaks. Give yourself the precious gift of the transformation and awakening that is possible in the Pathwork.

Create a Personal Intensive Retreat. Whether you are looking for spiritual renewal and rejuvenation, or to move through a stuck place in your personal process, allow us to assist you in customizing the individual retreat that is right for you.

Enroll in the Pathwork School. Do you have a deep commitment to personal and spiritual growth, and would like to share this in community with kindred spirits? Are you ready to take that next step on your path? Check out the programs offered in the Pathwork School.