Personal Intensives

“This is a time for you to simply be. It is a time to be with yourself – to explore yourself, discover yourself, know yourself. It is a time to be with yourself with full and total awareness of who you are, what you feel, and how you run your life. It is hoped that when this time is over, you will bring back to the life you have temporarily left behind, some of the new habits, sensitivity and awareness that you will discover and nurture here. Know that this is a very special and very meaningful time in your life. It is a great gift that you give to yourself. ”
—From the Pathwork® Guide’s Words for Intensive Orientation

A personal intensive is a deep nurturing dive into the depths of your own being. This is all about you. Working with one or two Pathwork Helpers, you determine the number of days – typically from two to five – and customize your experience to exactly what your soul wants and needs. You will step into seclusion while receiving the care, love and support of the Sevenoaks staff and Pathwork Helpers.

This powerful experience is open to anyone, even if you have no prior Pathwork experience. Price will be adjusted to reflect your personal choices, and will include food, accommodations and Helper support.

Please contact Julia Jensen, our Intensives Coordinator, to get started creating your personal journey inward.

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“In four days, free from the distractions of the outer world, amazing Helpers created a focused, loving environment for reaching and re-educating my inner child. My Pathwork intensive helped me to make serious inroads into awareness and self-acceptance. Fundamental shifts made it possible for my work to proceed on a deeper level, and for that I am deeply grateful. ”
– Miriam Smith

“The Pathwork Helpers were very patient and very understanding and very helpful in guiding me and working with me. I gained so much in my intensive and I can feel more compassion and love for myself and others.”
— Cathy Canada

“Despite appearing to have a ‘successful life’, I knew of the inner havoc I experienced due to destructively suppressing and masking feelings. Hence, as part of my spiritual work, I did an Intensive at Sevenoaks. The land has a powerful spiritual essence and the Helpers were grounded and intuitive. This experience increased my understanding of my inner machinations and emotions as well as how to work with them. I have been able to feel, hear and hold my precious heart space more in the last 2 years than in the previous 50+ years of my life.”
— Yvonne Muse