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Pathwork® is a spiritual exploration, and one of its core teachings is that we cannot do the work alone. Interaction with others on the Path helps us see ourselves, and to understand how we affect and are affected by others.

The Gateway Program is a series of short courses designed to aid in your spiritual awakening.

The Pathwork Transformation Program consists of four four-day meetings throughout the year with the same committed and intimate group of people, led by an experienced team of Pathwork Helpers. Regular one-on-one sessions with a Pathwork Helper provide further support for students in the Transformation Program.

Lecture study groups are available – either locally in Charlottesville, Richmond or on-line – that provide an opportunity to explore the concepts of Pathwork. These groups are led by qualified and experienced Pathworkers.

The Graduate Program is designed for students who have completed most of the Transformation Program and wishes to go deeper into the study of Pathwork teachings.

Advanced Pathwork Studies students who have completed most of the Transformation Program with tools and credentials to begin holding Pathwork Lecture Study groups.

Pathwork workshops are available in various out-reach regions and at Sevenoaks. Typically they will focus on one topic or theme, and run for one to four days; they are led by experienced Pathwork Helpers. These events are an opportunity for deep exploration in a retreat setting; check out our upcoming Pathwork Events.

Personal Intensive is a focused period of three to five days solely dedicated to one’s inner work, under the guidance of a team of Pathwork Helpers.

Pathwork can be particularly helpful in healing and deepening the bonds of love in a relationship.Couples groups provide a safe, nurturing environment to work on issues that naturally arise in any relationship, and to support the personal work by each person as individuals. Groups are typical locally based, small (six to sixteen participants), and open to any couples, regardless of marital status or sexual orientation.

Helpership Training Programs offer a full curriculum for those who feel called to teach Pathwork or become a Pathwork Helper.

To learn more about any of the Pathwork programs, please contact us today.