Pathwork School

Pathwork® is a powerful spiritual exploration, and one of its core teachings is that we cannot do the work alone. Interaction with others committed to a spiritual path provides a supportive container where you can be deeply witnessed and held in loving compassion. Spiritual companions help shine the light on our blind spots, and give us insight into how we affect and are affected by others. The intimacy and depth of connection that develops between group members is remarkable. The Pathwork School offers several programs to meet you wherever you are presently on your unique spiritual journey.

The Pathwork Transformation Program is an intensive study of the Pathwork teachings, offering an opportunity for profound healing and transformation as you begin to identify and release the obstacles that prevent connection with self, others, and the God of your understanding. It is a five year program that participants commit to one year at at time. Each year consists of 4 four day retreats with the same intimate group of committed students.

New Non-Residential Transformation Program Begins October 2017.  The Pathwork Transformation Program is a five year program, and participants commit to one year at a time.  The Non-Residential Groups meet for 5 Saturday-Sunday retreats alternating between Charlottesville, VA and Mechanicsville, VA (outside Richmond, VA), one 3-day weekend, and one   4-day retreat at the Sevenoaks Retreat Center.

The Sacred Dimensions Program is designed for dedicated students of consciousness who have done significant personal and spiritual work and long to go deeper into the study of Pathwork teachings and other Awakening teachers. It is an ongoing program with 4 three day retreats in the course of a year. You can attend one or more of these weekends, although participation in the entire year is encouraged.

Dying Into Life is a one year program meeting in 4 four day retreats. Students will will explore their lives from the perspective of the the soul journey in a contemporary mystery school experience. Participants are invited to examine their lives deeply from the perspective of facing a ritual death and rebirth in the 3rd weekend. This focus deeply transforms the old story helping participants to bring themselves fully into life. This is recommended for people who are coming closer to the end of life than the beginning. It is also good for those who work with the dying and chronically ill, or for the young person who asks the deep mystery questions of life.

Leadership Training: Training classes prepare dedicated students who feel called to bring this work into the world as a Pathwork Teacher, Pathwork Helper or through their own vocation.