Dying Into Life: A Pathwork Mystery School Experience

Mystery Schools were designed to raise a person’s consciousness and “reveal the secrets of life and death.” Once initiated, life is then lived at a higher consciousness than before.

In ancient times there was a deeper awareness of death in the midst of life. We all run from this awareness, yet the journey of life is a psycho-spiritual passage every living creature undergoes. Our individual powers and capacities emerge, flower and fade in an undertaking none of us can escape.

This year long program will consciously explore this mystery, to learn to live more completely in the presence of life and death. We face many emotional deaths throughout life. Learning to die, or surrender to these deaths in the midst of life, we learn to be reborn.

Life is a medicine wheel of transformation through the seasons of time. There are many people today who are going through life’s transitions more and more consciously, recognizing the power of life to transform consciousness.

The maps of consciousness offered in the Pathwork Lectures are some of the most useful and comprehensive that we have. Working with the Pathwork process we receive deep understanding and useful applications that support working consciously with your soul’s direction and participating in your own conscious evolution. If this is what you would like to learn, this program is for you!

The interview and application process is open to Pathworkers from all regions and others who have done some degree of spiritual work. Students must be able to handle deep emotional work and have some meditation or contemplative practice.

Participants commit to 4 four day workshops, 8 teleconference calls, and assigned reading and meditation. Eighteen individual sessions with a Pathwork Helper are required (not included in the cost of tuition).


Darlene Rollins is a Pathwork Helper with 25 years of experience. She has taught this mystery school program for 10 years as the 5th year of the Pathwork Transformation Program. She is the founder of Earthwalkways Forest Therapy Institute and Retreat in Fredericksburg, Va. Nature is her other main teacher. Visit her website here.


Contact Darlene Rollins with questions or to begin the application process.

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