Pathwork Faculty

What is a Pathwork Helper?

A Pathwork Helper is someone who has been called to this work out of the love of God, service and a strong belief in the value of the Pathwork as a potent method of healing, transformation, and awakening to the greater reality. Pathwork Helpers join you on your journey – it is a partnership, an alliance with the best in you. Helpers do not provide advice or purport to have all the answers — their role is to help you to do your Pathwork and to support you in learning to trust the wisdom of your heart.

Our faculty members are Pathwork Helpers and Associate Helpers in the Mid-Atlantic region. Each Helper has completed the Transformation Program, Leadership Training, and has apprenticed and assisted in programs for several years. All Helpers practicing in this region are required to be members of the Helpers Guild, a professional association that sets standards for professional practice.

Helpers are listed alphabetically. Click here to view by region.

Sara Atala : Pathwork Helper

Sara Atala

Pathwork Helper 703.356.4874

Services: Personal sessions, groups, business coaching.

Personal statement:  Sara’s purpose and mission is to contribute to the increase of the level of consciousness of  her community — starting with herself. Her goal is to devote her life to learn/teach knowledge for that purpose. Practicing presence and developing self observation, witnessing consciousness on a daily basis have been key in her work for inner transformation, and in making remarkable quality changes in her own life.

Bio:  Sara was born and raised in Peru, and holds a BS in Engineering and a MS in Finance. She has been a student of Yogi philosophy, Buddhism, Michael Brown, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie and other eastern and western teachers and sages. Together with her involvement in the transformational process work, Sara has been working in socio-economic development, traveling extensively throughout Asia and Latin  America.

She can relate to people from many walks of life and cultures. Her work includes personal, organizational and socio economic development; she teaches at a county jail in Virginia. She is committed to say Yes to life and helping others do the same. She feels a passion and joy to empower others and make a difference.

Sara is a Pathwork Helper and has taught in the Pathwork Transformation Program.  She has a practice in Mclean, Virginia, led a monthly Lecture Study Group in Spanish for over ten years, and has led a monthly process group for over three years.

Letizzia Bafile

Pathwork Associate Helper  (954) 554.8167 (mobile)

Services: Pathwork sessions, groups, workshops, in South Florida. In-person sessions in Boca Raton, FL and online. Workshop Organizer for student groups, as well as Brazilian and American Pathwork Helpers. Location: Sevenoaks in Madison, VA.

Bio: Brazilian, living in Boca Raton, Florida. Began Pathwork studies in 2005 in Brazil. Attended Helpership Training at Sevenoaks, USA, completing it in 2018. Successful businesswoman in Event Planning & Organization (in Brazil) since1988.Since a young age, pursued self-knowledge, working deeply with Anthroposophy by Rudolf Steiner.

“Pathwork has transformed my personal and professional life. Working internally with the Pathwork methodology, my internal obstacles and my beliefs have been transformed, and my life has changed as I open to abundance more and more. I have been greatly helped and transformed by Pathwork, and today my call is to help people.”

Other Formations:

In addition to a foundation in Pathwork, have also studied 50/50 work, Family Constellation, ThetaHealing and Pranic Healing.

John Bayerl : Pathwork Helper

John Bayerl

Pathwork Helper 301.520.2764 Mobile

Services:  Personal Pathwork sessions, groups, couples sessions, groups.  Leadership in earth-based ritual for individuals and groups, including sweat lodge, medicine wheel, sacred pipe and finding “power spots” in the natural world.

Personal Statement:  I initially encountered the Pathwork in 1986 while attending a sweat lodge ceremony at Sevenoaks.  I felt immediately drawn to the Pathwork’s unique unification of psychological and spiritual work.  Newly married, my spouse and I began attending weekly Pathwork process groups and eventually, we both embarked on the 5-year Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks.  I proceeded on to Pathwork Helper training and have been working as a Helper for over 15 years.  The Pathwork continues to nurture and guide my inner and outer work.

Bio:  I grew up in a large, Catholic, working-class family in Buffalo, NY.  Attending college (Fordham) in New York City in the late 1960’s opened my vistas considerably.  I worked full-time in the computer area for two decades before heeding a call to service of a higher order.  I’m happily married to Andrea DiLorenzo, a pastoral counselor, and our relationship has helped to nourish and inspire me.  We have led group work together and hope to collaborate more fully in the years ahead.  I’ve been teaching in the Pathwork Transformation Program at Sevenoaks for many years and love the involvement in deep personal and spiritual process with committed groups.  I also lead private sessions from an office in our home in Rockville, MD.

Lisa Boyles : Pathwork Helper

Lisa Boyles

Pathwork Helper 804.314.2462

Services:  Individual, family and group sessions, workshops and presentations.  Specialized training in trauma-informed care, substance abuse treatment, conscious parenting, and EMDR.

Personal Statement:  I found the Pathwork in 2000, as my marriage was failing and my spirit was breaking.  The lectures, the leaders, and the love I found at Sevenoaks profoundly touched and ultimately brought healing to my marriage and my soul.

The deep personal and spiritual process of the Pathwork allowed me to wake up to my life and embrace the Divine within.  I am committed to helping others in this quest for personal and spiritual transformation.

Bio: I graduated in June 2012 as an Apprentice Helper in Pathwork.  I am also a Licensed Professional Counselor and a Certified Substance Abuse Counselor.  I have co-led Lecture Study Groups for the past three years, and assisted in workshops and the Transformation Program.  I have a deep and meaningful marriage, a beautiful daughter, and a thriving practice in  Richmond, VA.

Learn more about offerings in Richmond, Virginia at

Erena Bramos : Pathwork Helper

Erena Bramos

Pathwork Helper 212. 580.7069

Services: Individual sessions, Pathwork teacher, leader of Helpership Training Programs in New York and at Sevenoaks. She is currently also co-leading a program in Brazil designed to take therapists into a deep exploration of the Guide’s teaching.

Personal Statement: I have been teaching this material for a while, and as my own spiritual journey deepens, my understanding of the Guide’s teaching becomes more intricate and rich. I have had the great fortune to open to the message beyond what is communicated in the words, and I have deep gratitude for what this experience has brought me.

Bio: Erena has been studying the Pathwork since 1982. A Pathwork Teacher and Helper, she is also a psychotherapist in private practice and has worked with individuals and groups in both these capacities. A poet and drummer, Erena feels grateful for any opportunity to share with others from the many gifts she has received on her spiritual journey.

Keith Covington

Pathwork Helper     434-242-0910

SERVICES:  Pathwork sessions, process groups, weekend workshops, TP, intensives

PERSONAL STATEMENT:  I love bringing the healing power of spirit into the work, helping facilitate direct experience of the divine, and activating in us the many divine qualities of spirit as we open our hearts and heal our wounds.

BIO:  In high school I read a lot of science fiction and stumbled on a book called “The Outsider”.  It had chapters on existentialists and various spiritual teachers (Gurdjieff). I gobbled them up.  Somehow finding ads about the Rosicrucians and other spiritual/mystical/psychological teachings through the mail, I joined, and loved the teachings and practices mostly by myself through college.

Then I got drafted out of graduate school and sent to Vietnam. Back from Nam I was pretty disillusioned with the human race; dropped out of law school and spent time partying (early 1970’s).

Eventually a girlfriend gave me a book on psychology and it was just what I needed.  I read lots of Primal Scream, Fritz Perls, and alternative psychology. I worked as an electrician, roofer, and carpenter.  I finally got disgusted with the partying and wanted to help people.  I got a job at a mental hospital and a master’s in counseling. But I wanted something more. I missed the spiritual work I had been doing and the alternative psychology.  Then I discovered the Pathwork at Sevenoaks.  Everything I had been wanting!!!  My wife and I jumped in and graduated from the first Pathwork class at Sevenoaks.

Meanwhile I worked as a psychiatric technician, employment counselor, and assistant director of our county social services department. I worked as a PTSD counselor for Vietnam veterans.

I eventually became a helper and also worked as Sevenoaks as finance officer, maintenance manager, center director, and board of directors member.  I was on various committees and the board and administrator of the national Pathwork Foundation.  Over the years I taught around 8000 individual Pathwork sessions, 15 years of biweekly process groups in Charlottesville and Richmond, 70 workshops and 200 transformation program weekends. I also led the Cincinnati Pathwork for 5 years.

In 2004 it was time for me to take time out and drop the role of fixing everybody and just be with ordinary people for a while.  I did carpentry and handyman work, was a crew leader for the 2010 census, and practiced loving my neighbors as myself, as brothers and sisters, no matter what their education, I.Q., or political views were. I still followed my spiritual practices.

Eventually I have been drawn back to teaching at Sevenoaks and loving it.

My focus now is on helping us all to heal our wounds, transform our faults, love our brothers and sisters, fill ourselves with our connection with spirit, and help make this a better world.


Louise Del Maestro, LCSW

Associate Pathwork Helper 703.256.0007  Please call to schedule an individual appointment via FaceTime, Skype or in person.  (Children require in person sessions.)

Services:  Child and individual psychotherapy, Spiritual Wholistic Approach to Well-Being (Body/Mind/Spirit); Adoption/Attachment /Trauma Specialist (All challenges of childhood – RAD, PTSD, separation anxiety, anxiety, ADHD, depression, addictions and compulsions); Parent-Child Dyads or Individual. (Receipts issued for insurance reimbursements: VA – LCSW license # 0904006616, in network with Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Tricare Insurance Companies.)

Personal Statement:  Studying and participating in the Pathwork Program of Self Transformation beginning in 1996 has changed my perspective, lightened my suffering and expanded my world.  Together with a daily meditation practice, my consciousness and awareness has grown exponentially.  My own individual work with Pathwork Helpers has included a deep healing of the internal relationship with the deficient self.  Teachings from The Guide, Adyashanti, and A Course in Miracles have also contributed to my well being.  Serving others as a healer is my calling and my pleasure.

Bio:  In 2002, following her first five years of the Pathwork Transformation Program, she completed a Master’s Program in Social Work, then returned to finish the Pathwork Helper Training.  In 2004, Louise earned a Master’s in Social Work at Catholic University, and in 2006, she qualified to sit then passed a licensure exam in clinical social work (LCSW).  A year later, she opened Open Heart Counseling in Annandale, VA, where she remains in private practice as a child and individual spiritual psychotherapist.

Member of the National Association of Social Workers, Mid-Atlantic Pathwork (formerly served as a Mid-Atlantic Ethics Board member)


Cindy Haney : Pathwork Helper

Cindy Haney

Pathwork Helper 434.825.7626

Services:  Personal and group Pathwork sessions. Specialized training in Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Tapping), sandtray facilitation and mandala work. Individual Pathwork and EFT sessions in-person, by phone or online.

Personal Statement:  Pathwork has brought lasting change and healing in my life. I’m profoundly grateful for the gifts of this path, and for the kindred souls who also love this work and have shared the journey with me.  It is my passion, pleasure and privilege to help others to discover and embrace more and more of who they are so that they can open more fully to their unique vitality, beauty, divinity and deepest truth.

Bio:  I’ve been a student of Pathwork since 1990, completed Helper Training in 2005 and have a private practice in Charlottesville, VA, giving individual sessions and leading groups. I teach in Pathwork programs at Sevenoaks and have served on the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Council for several years.  I’m also a certified EFT practitioner and have found that EFT Tapping can be used very effectively with Pathwork. My early career life included teaching computer programming full-time at a community college, and later working as a software analyst.

I’m grateful that one of the unexpected gifts of Pathwork was the awakening my deeply buried “artist within.” Creative processes are an integral part of my spiritual practice and a deep source of nourishment and fulfillment.

Visit  my website at:

Meetup: Pathwork Charlottesville; Mid-Atlantic Pathwork

Beth Hedquist : Pathwork Helper

Beth Hedquist

Pathwork Helper 804.928.3189

Services: Individual Pathwork Sessions, Lecture Study Classes, Introductory Presentations, and Workshops.

Personal Statement: I enthusiastically and unabashedly love the spiritual wisdom contained in the Pathwork Lectures! The truths contained therein, together with the tools and practices that the Pathwork offers, have profoundly touched me and changed my life. It is my honor and privilege now to serve others by assisting them in finding these gems for themselves.

Bio: My spiritual and personal transformation began in 1999 in the 12step fellowship of Alanon. I began studying the Pathwork teachings in 2001 and found them to be an expansion and deepening of the principles I was just beginning to learn. Through the Pathwork I have come to listen to and follow my heart’s longing, and to discover what makes my heart “sing”. I have learned to love others without losing myself, and to communicate in a way so that my needs are heard. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to work through many issues that I had with God and religion, and my personal connection with a Higher Power has grown and evolved continuously through the years. In June 2012, I graduated from the Helper Training Program. I have taught in the Transformation Program at Sevenoaks, in local process groups in Richmond, Virginia, and I teach a monthly Lecture Study class in my home.

I invite you to visit my website, Sacred Discoveries, to learn more:

Richmond Pathwork Meetup:

Teresa Huang

Pathwork Associate Helper 301-661-5662

Services: Individual, group sessions, and workshops.

Personal Statement:  I would love to support you, your Body, Mind, Emotions, and Spirit holistically through varies modalities. Whether through Pathwork®, a logical intellectual wisdom, that eventually help one to face multi-facets of the Self thus having a transformative “True Life;” or through Human Design that reveals ones unique potential and how mechanically one can correctly operate in ones trajectory – hence truly immerse in living of your unique design – thus “Love Your Self;” or through Active meditation or yoga to quiet one’s Mind.  All of them helped me and continue helping my personal journey and are essential to my Holistic approach. In addition, I also bringing in Somatic Attachment to help one to develop stronger and more Secure Attachment styles, resulting in more joyful and happy adult relationships.

Bio: Teresa Huang is an Associate Pathwork Helper. She teaches Pathwork in Greater Washington DC area, and is assisting in teaching Pathwork Transformation Program. She is also co-founding Pathwork in Taiwan and is in the process translating and editing Pathwork Lectures into Traditional Chinese.

Teresa is certified Living Your Design Guide of Human Design. She had trained as a Professional Analyst on Individual Analysis, Partnership Analysis, Life Cycle Analysis, and Incarnation Cross Analysis. She also trained as Holistic Analyst, Rave Psychology Practitioner, and Primary Health System Practitioner.

Teresa is also trained in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technic) and in training on Somatic Attachment and Trauma Resolution. She is also a certified yoga teacher, RYT 200.


Wendy Hubbard : Pathwork Helper

Wendy Hubbard

Pathwork Helper 434.531.5310 Mobile

Services: Personal sessions, couples work, couples groups and Pathwork groups.

Personal Statement: I have dedicated my life to learning and teaching emotional intelligence.  I am convinced that emotional intelligence makes all the difference in whether life is full of joy or full of misery.  I love helping individuals and couples navigate the ups and downs of life.

Bio: Wendy Hubbard is a Pathwork Helper.  She has studied and practiced the Pathwork for 25 years.  She teaches the Advanced Levels of Pathwork, leads groups and individual sessions.  With her husband and Pathwork Helper Tom she leads couples groups and offers couples sessions.  She is also certified in Hellinger Family Constellation Work and in DARe® Attachment and Trauma Work.   This rich mix of modalities and trainings informs her work and enables her to bring hope and healing to her clients.  Her website and business is

Meetup: Pathwork CharlottesvilleMid-Atlantic Pathwork

Julia Jensen : Pathwork Helper

Julia Jensen

Pathwork Helper 804.781.0660

Services: Individual Pathwork sessions and Pathwork groups, in Richmond VA and at Sevenoaks.

Personal Statement: She found Pathwork in 1989 and has used the teachings from the Pathwork to bring joy and happiness to herself as well as working with individuals and groups. She believes that we are here on earth to find who we are as spiritual beings, that we can affect the planet as we bring in healing energy.

Bio: Julia Jensen is a Pathwork Helper, a certified Healer, and a teacher in the 5-year Pathwork Transformation Program. Julia has been a member of the Sevenoaks Board of Trustees and is currently a member of the Pathwork Council, the governing body of the Pathwork school as taught in the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork region. She is passionate about the work as a means of healing individuals, couples, and the planet.

Learn more about offerings in Richmond, Virginia at

Kimberly Middleton

Associate Pathwork Helper


Services: Individual, group sessions, and workshops.

Personal Statement: I view health as integrating mind, body, and spirit. Viewing health as dynamic and multifaceted, when any aspect is blocked by distorted beliefs, defenses, and physical holding, we are unable to experience our fullest life.

My approach uses spiritual concepts grounded in Pathwork, a body of practical wisdom offering guidance for self-development, along with yoga and meditation to expand the capacity to facilitate deeper connection.  I have co-led lecture study in the Greater Washington DC area, and apprenticed with the Mid-Atlantic Pathwork Transformation Program (PTP).

Bio: I am trained as a Kripalu yoga teacher (RYT500) and have explored Vipassana meditation through Insight Meditation Community of Washington (IMCW).  Through IMCW, I’ve completed weeklong silent meditation retreats, the Year of Living Mindfully, and courses in Mindful Self-Compassion.  Additionally, I am a registered nurse and public health researcher focusing on health disparities, and integrative/complementary medicine interventions.


Kent Peterson : Associate Pathwork Helper

Kent Peterson

Associate Pathwork Helper 434.989.4220 Mobile

Services: Pathwork orientations, personal sessions, workplace wellness programs, men’s support groups.

Personal Statement: My passion is to foster healing, creativity, joyful relationships, exuberance and abundance among individuals, groups and organizations. I love coaching, helping and supporting people toward greater self awareness, self acceptance, personal transformation and self responsibility. I believe that we must start healing the world by healing ourselves.

Bio: I am a physician, teacher and organizational consultant specializing in personal effectiveness, stress management, work/life balance, preventive medicine, lifestyle management, and environmental health. Pathwork transformed my life and I love sharing this gift with others. It has been a privilege teaching the Pathwork Transformation Program, serving on the Board of Trustees, and contributing as volunteer manager of Sevenoaks Retreat Center. Past lives include Executive Vice President of the American College of Preventive Medicine, and President of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. My partner is Patricia Meyer-Peterson, a practitioner of massage, Sensory Awareness, Shiatsu, Asian medicine and Zero Balancing. Our greatest teachers are children Liesl, Owen and Michael.

Find my profile on Linkedin


Meetup: Pathwork CharlottesvilleMid-Atlantic Pathwork

Zim Putney : Pathwork Helper

Zim Putney

Pathwork Helper 703.517.7372

Services:  Pathwork personal sessions, intensives, groups and workshops in the Washington, DC area and at Sevenoaks.

Personal Statement:  In more than twenty years in Pathwork I have found deeper and warmer relationships, more peace and increased effectiveness in following my longings. In fact the program changed my life. After graduating from the Transformation Program I knew that I had to help make this available to others that are looking to find more love, peace and joy.

Bio:  My career has been focused on science, technology and business management, and now devoting much of my time in teaching and practicing Pathwork.  As a physicist by training and vocation, I always look for the holistic approach and find it in the inner wisdom of body, mind and spirit. I have been a Helper for a number of years, teaching in the Pathwork Transformation Program, and leading intensives, process and lecture study groups, and have also served on the Board of Directors and the Pathwork Council, which manages all teaching and training programs.

Darlene Rollins : Pathwork Helper

Darlene Rollins

Pathwork Helper 540.752.5540

Services:  I am a minister, soul whisperer, nature mystic and owner of the Earthwalk Retreat near Fredericksburg, Virginia, offering:

  • Helper Sessions in person or by phone
  • Retreats – Custom designed 3-5 day transformation or meditation retreats or vision quests
  • Sessions –  Workshops and programs in Pathwork, Natural Communion, The Art of Soul Whispering, Healing Trance Dance
  • Flow with the River –  Nature Immersion Float on the Rappahannock River
  • Vision Quests or Nature PassageRites 
  • Sweat Lodges
  • Marriages and Child Blessing Ceremonies
  • Speaker – I love to speak to groups on self-exploration, evolution of consciousness, and participation with nature

Personal Statement: I am ordained into a healing ministry called Gaiabriel, and I have been a nature mystic since childhood. I also follow a syncretic shamanic path that is teaching me how to be a spirit living in a body and walking in both worlds. I have studied and applied the Pathwork for nearly 30 years.  I have now developed several of my own blended programs and ways of helping others do their spiritual work. I hold a sense of sacred and safe space for our lives and all that we bring to the work. When we feel held in the heart of nature, by each other and with/in the Divine, a simple conscious presence and self-compassion can arise within us, that strongly support our inner self exploration through the Pathwork and various other modalities.

Life is a spiritual initiation so to say that it won’t rock us, is to be in a fantasy, but we can learn how to balance in the shaking and utilize the opportunities as fuel and focus for our cleaning and upliftment. I work at all levels of unification but am especially good with the Transpersonal and Soul levels of the work.  Life is a Soul Journey and we are given all that befalls us in divine order to bring us to our task and our triumph. I help people untangle themselves from their problems and use them as springboards for their conscious evolution.  I call people to a higher level of seeing what life is all about. I call people to embrace their life as their spiritual path and so balance heaven and earth.

Bio:  I have worked with the Pathwork since 1984 and graduated helper training in 1992. I established the Earthwalk Retreat in 1994. It is a beautiful natural cocoon for transformation and awakening that is nestled in a magical forest along a bold rocky stream just above the Rappahannock River. It was Divine Guidance that brought me to this work and to this place. In following this path for nearly 30 years I can say that it lives up to its promise to take us from our wounded and suffering identities into a much larger state, and even all the way to awakened consciousness.

I am a wounded healer, having gone through deep depression and bulimia for many of my early years. I looked into many paths before finding the Pathwork and every new path I’ve encountered since seems to be an echo of something that was transmitted into this realm through Eva. While each has added to my total understanding, here with the Pathwork I have my spiritual roots and a path to share. Here at the Earthwalk Retreat, I have a place of peace and healing to share.

Earthwalk Location: 913 Holly Corner Rd | Fredericksburg, Virginia

Web Site:

Patty Mahaffey : Associate Pathwork Helper

Patricia Rose

Associate Pathwork Helper

Email:  Facebook:

Services: Pathwork: individual sessions, lecture study classes, introductory presentations, and workshops. Spiritual Direction: individual and small group sessions, retreats, and contemplative prayer groups. Teaching: classes on spirituality in day to day life, spiritual practices, and meditation.

Personal statement: I’ve realized through Pathwork that my most passionate longing is to live in Truth. I feel this longing like a powerful swell of a wave irresistibly propelling me. I found — at first kicking and screaming! — that the price to live in Truth is surrender. As Old Testament scholar Walter Brueggemann once said, “Our well-being is not dependent on being sure or being right, but on being available and at risk.”

Now I see that surrender is not a passive limpness, a burdensome spiritual obligation, slavery, a high and mighty spiritual achievement, or a slump-shouldered trudging along saying “whatever God wants.” It is the freedom to inhabit the exquisite creation that God has given us to be. It is to become free of the tyranny of false identity and illusion and the prison of fear they generate. Surrender is to enter into the outrageous abundance of Love that we are exactly fashioned to experience and to hold everyone and everything — including myself and my own humanness — with respect, welcome, and loving-kindness, no matter what. In this place, I can hardly contain my happiness to be alive in a body with a heart capable of loving and being loved, so all I can do is make my life into a prayer of thanksgiving and service.

Bio: I am blessed to be the mom of three grown children who are a source of great joy. In addition to the spiritual work listed above, my work has included teaching deaf children; writing, hosting, and producing educational programs; and freelance writing. I’ve been practicing Pathwork for nearly 25 years. I have experiences with and am still actively involved with practices of Buddhism, Vedantic traditions, shamanic works from the rain forest, Christ’s teachings, and yoga. I love to run, hike, and be in nature. I live in Loveland, Ohio and currently work at St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Cincinnati as the Director of Adult Spiritual Programs and Communications.

Cibele Salviatto : Pathwork Helper

Cibele Salviatto

Pathwork Helper 305.505.4743 Mobile

Services: Pathwork personal sessions and study groups live and online;  executive coaching and corporate sustainability consulting in the South Florida area, based out of Miami. 

Personal Statement: My life has been driven by the passion I have for Nature. Pathwork deepened the understanding that we are all one in Nature: people, trees, animals, stars…and that “saving” Nature should start by “saving” ourselves. Thus, my mission is to deepen this unifying process within, and, in love, assist others to walk this path.


 I am professional counselor and coach for individuals and groups. Besides having graduated as a Pathwork Helper, I am a  therapist by Energetic Dynamics of the Psyche (a body energy work in Brazil) and a Professional Integral coaching, a coaching method based on Ken Wilber’s integral vision. In addition, I have been a professional consultant in corporate sustainability issues since 2001, directing the consultancy Atitude Sustentável in Brazil.

I’m developing a concept called Sustainability from Within which integrates personal development with social and environmental issues. Sustainability from within is the theme of a radio talk show that will be hosted by me at Voice America Internet Radio starting on September 2015.  Pathwork is the backbone that brings together my activities. I’m married, have three step kids and a queen and a king  cat.



Janeil Stewart : Pathwork Helper

Janeil Stewart

Pathwork Helper 301.461.8733

Services: Individual sessions, groups, teaching.

Personal Statement: When I found Pathwork my life was going well but deep within I knew there was so much MORE.  My first experience was a little Pathwork workshop that turned out to be huge!  I knew this was the way to the “more” – the All that I was seeking. Life is always showing us exactly what we need if we just pay attention, wake up to the message. No trauma, disharmony or conflict is beyond the capacity of this  inner wisdom. I love being with and “helping” those who want to wake up more!

Bio: I spent 19 years on Indiana farm embracing traditional religion, then to New York City and questioning everything.  Traditional marriage with 3 kids  – DC – protesting Vietman war, civil rights activist and eventual divorce.  The self searching and the questioning really became my focus.  I considered becoming a Unitarian minister and attended seminary but discovered I really wanted the “exploration” not the end result. Pathwork puts it all together – body, mind, spirit.

Brian Stokes head Shot

Brian Stokes

Pathwork Helper  (919) 260-6251

Services:  One-on-one Pathwork process in person, by phone or Skype with individuals and couples of any age, with a body-oriented and holistic focus

Special focus includes sexuality, relationship, serious physical illness.  End-of-Life. Dreamwork. Life as a lesson not a report card

Personal Statement:  I love this Path that has changed my Life and helps me become more who I really am day-by-day.  I am excited about sharing the fruits of this Journey to the Real Self.  The sky is no limit.

Bio:  Brian T Stokes lives in Chapel Hill, NC and is a Pathwork Helper fascinated by movement and embodiment and how unconscious energy blocks the full experience of Life.

His influences include Continuum Movement, dance, formless yoga and seeking the wisdom of intuition instead of thought. Nature is his church.

Gary Vollbracht

Associate Pathwork Helper

Though no longer a practicing Pathwork helper or teacher, I continue to offer materials on my website ( that may support Pathworkers in their work. The website provides access to my audio recordings of the Pathwork Lectures as well as my Devotional Format of many of the lectures. Also included are PowerPoint presentations of several of the lectures and related topics, 200 topical quotes from the lectures, as well as 80 posts from other sources.

My 400 blog posts from 2009 until today are self reflective and may be of interest to those working on core life issues similar to my own: moving toward feeling and experiencing the holiness of sexuality, Pathwork metaphysics and cosmology/philosophy, and a deeper understanding and experience of the meaning and development of a recovered relationship with Jesus Christ.

John Claude Wepner

Pathwork Helper 828.228.4141

Services:  Pathwork sessions; Reiki and Brennan Healing Science sessions; Craniosacral Therapy sessions; Assists clients in enlivening their life through their body and energy; Supports clients learning about their own energy and body experience as they move through their life journey.

Bio:  John is passionate about health in the body, mind, and emotions. He knows that a lack of health and balance in any area will affect the whole body. He believes in the power and wisdom of our bodies’ and mind’s ability to heal itself, with the proper guidance.

John has cultivated his skills and gifts to help others become more aware and self-responsible for their health and life journey in a compassionate and honest way. He looks towards the deeper levels of the body and psyche in helping to understand, feel, accept, and heal from the challenges we face.

Through his many years of training, continued development, and experience working with all types of clients; he is able to help guide others back towards a state of health and embodied vitality. ​

​In addition to the Pathwork, John’s other most unique training was from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, where he attended for a total of 7 years as a student (completing all the training programs they had to offer), and then worked there for 5 years as faculty. He also teaches and practices Reiki, fell in love with the benefits of craniosacral therapy, and has a traditional massage therapy background.