Pathwork Transformation Program

The Pathwork Transformation Program (PTP) is a program of profound personal and spiritual development. Students learn to step outside of their little ego self, with it’s fear and bravado, it’s masks and defenses, and cultivate a connection to the spiritual resources we have within and all around us. Life becomes a joyful adventure of conscious evolution as we expand our capacity for pleasure, intimacy, purpose, and meaning. By committing to this undertaking with the same group of fellow seekers, we learn to find safety, compassion, and brotherhood as we develop our self-awareness and self-responsibility.

The Pathwork Transformation Program is a five year program, and participants commit to one year at a time. Groups meet for 4 four day retreats at Sevenoaks each year. Individual Sessions with a Pathwork Helper (not included in the cost of tuition) are required to provide additional support and guidance. Students should also be prepared to complete assigned reading and written work in between each session.


2018 – 2019 Pathwork Transformation Program Dates:

September 26th – 30th, 2018
December 5th – 9th, 2018
March 13th – 17th, 2019
June 5th – 9th, 2019


Julia Jensen, our Transformation Program Coordinator, can answer any questions and help you begin the application process.

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“The Pathwork Lectures are the most amazingly open and honest set of life guidelines that I've ever come across in my many years of doing spiritual journey work. The Pathwork Transformational Program is a wonderfully safe and profoundly deep way to bring the Lectures to LIFE for me. The container built by the Helpers gently invites us to take risks in our personal sharing, while also holding a very safe energy to do this work. The invitation is to bring who we are now in life....warts and all. It does take courage to enter this program, but the rewards are there..however slowly they might appear to come sometimes. I haven't found a better "game" to play on the planet.”
Richard B

"PTP is helping to gradually find and change the internal patterns that have disconnected me from a relationship with my real self and better connection with others. I feel I am maturing into greater self-acceptance and self-esteem as I progress on this journey of self-transformation. The relationships I am forming with my classmates, teachers and the greater Pathwork community have become a powerful source of support and warmth in my life. Sevenoaks itself is a remarkable, beautiful place where I feel rested, nourished and held. I have not experienced an approach to healing and awakening as eclectic and comprehensive as PTP. I recommend PTP to anyone who is serious about authentic, actual and deep inner transformation beyond living on mere promises and surface-skimming."

“If you want to understand and be free of all the defenses you spent your whole life using to be happy, then Pathwork is a splendid program to do just that.”
Patrick OHanlon
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