Sacred Dimensions

Students in this program gather to deeply open to the Pathwork teachings on topics such as reality, illusion, and the road to letting go of any attachment to beliefs about life and self, which promote a false sense of safety and prohibit recognition of the ever present Grace.

Each of the four weekends provide participants with an opportunity for deep contemplation, conceptual exploration of the teachings, as well as space and guidance for personal journeying into deeper consciousness. Much of the time between group sessions will be spent in silence to support participants in deepening, grounding, and integrating their experiences from the group time. While the Pathwork Lectures are the framework of the program, teachings of other spiritual teachers such as Adyashanti, Rupert Spira, Almaas, Peter Fenner, Eckhart Tolle, and others will be included. The program is intended to support and inspire participants toward deeper states of awareness, awakening, meaning, and purpose.

Attendance at all four weekends is encouraged to allow for the best possible engagement with the material at this level. However, it is possible to attend only those weekends to which each participant can commit. An initial phone consultation with Erena Bramos is required before registering for this program.


Erena Bramos is the facilitator and lead teacher for this program. She has been a Pathwork Helper, Pathwork teacher, and psychotherapist in private practice for over thirty years. Interested in the exploration of Non-Dual Consciousness, she teaches therapists to work with their clients in that dimension. She is also the co-founder and Director of The Institute of Core Energetics Greece, was formerly Director of the Institute of Education at the New York Institute for Core Energetics, and also teaches at Core Brasilia in Brazil.

Erena’s qualifications notwithstanding, her approach to this program is to draw and learn from the wisdom of the group, thereby expanding the wisdom and participation available to all.

Other Guest Teachers are also periodically invited to teach individual modules of the program.


2018 – 2019:  All Modules begin at 8:00 PM on Thursday and end at 2:00 PM after lunch on Sunday (except for Holiday Weekends)

Year 7:  2018 – 2019

Module 1 – 9/13-16, 2018
Module 2 – 12/6-9, 2018
Module 3 – 2/21-24, 2019
Module 4 – Memorial Day Weekend (Friday 5/24 – Monday 5/27, 2019)


Year 8: 2019 -2020

Module 1 – Labor Day Weekend (Friday 8/30 – Monday 9/2, 2019)
Module 2 – 1/9-12, 2020
Module 3 – 3/26-29,2020
Module 4 – 5/28-31, 2020


$690 per weekend.  payment plan is available for the full series attendance.
Tuition includes room, board, and program.

A phone consultation with Erena Bramos is required for new applicants before registering.

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“I finished the Pathwork Transformation Program a few years ago. It had been a challenging and deeply meaningful experience, and I wondered how I might continue my involvement both with the Pathwork lecture material and with a community of seekers. The Sacred Dimensions program, under the guidance of Erena Bramos, has continued to meet both of these needs for me. It has been a wonderful way to help me stay faithful to, and grounded on, my spiritual path.”
Rob M.