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May 3, 2016
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May 3, 2016
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Scholarship Fund

Karen A. Millnick | 1955-2012

Karen Millnick Pathwork Scholarship Fund

About Karen:

Karen had a deep love of Pathwork and Sevenoaks. She was a spectacularly loyal and kind friend, wonderfully supportive of many people during both joyful and painful periods of their lives. Deeply in touch with her own vulnerability, she had a ready and open heart of others who were struggling. For close to thirty years, many spiritual seekers who visited Sevenoaks, were touched and helped by Karen as they participated in the Center’s heart expanding programs. She was known for her willingness to spend hours on the phone with a stranger to help him or her determine if Pathwork was truly the right step in his or her journey.

The Karen Millnick Pathwork Scholarship Fund:

With the support of Karen’s family, Sevenoaks has established the Karen Millnick Pathwork Scholarship Fund. Your donation will help Pathwork students and potential Pathwork students to be able to attend Pathwork programs and workshops to help them in their spiritual path.

From all of us at Mid-Atlantic Pathwork, we sincerely appreciate your generous donation.