We have plenty of time to ourselves and to explore thoughts in our head.  Today, I welcome you to explore those thoughts with kindness, fairness, compassion and forgiveness.  If you are like me, this can come quite naturally on some days and a daunting task on others.   So let’s make it simple. 

Todays’ message can be profound and simple.

Give me something to believe in.  Today, I believe in myself.

That’s right. Believe in yourself.  Then once you have that belief, then take a step towards your best self.

I believe in myself – to be healthy – Result: take a small or smaller step in that direction.

I believe in myself – to be a good parent – Call one of your kids and listen to them.

I believe in myself – to be a better spouse – Take one action towards a genuine action of affirmation and attention (bringing coffee works wonders in my house)

I believe in myself – to build a better future for myself – Believe that your ideas are truly divine, inspired and have a purpose.  Ideas like those need action.  And you are exactly the person to take that action.

I think you get the point.  Having time to yourself can be a profoundly great and enriching thing.  But just like anything, if not used properly it can weaken our spirit.  So today, believe in yourself as I and others around you believe in you.

Wishing you fun and joy with today’s simple message. 

I Believe,

Paul Klinger

Executive Director, Sevenoaks Retreat Center